The relationship between productivity and where you work

A new report produced by Lancaster University’s Work Foundation and commissioned by Citrix, highlights the complex and often strained relationship between productivity, technology, work and the idea of working anywhere. Despite the march of digital transformation, one in four (24 percent) UK managers questioned for this report believe their organisation is not technologically ‘forward thinking’. With Britain’s productivity slowdown the largest of the G7 economies since the recession, over three in five (63 percent) of knowledge workers polled believe they are no more productive today than they were three years ago, with 17 percent even claiming to be less industrious. The paper – Productivity, technology & working anywhere – shows an undeniably positive link between correctly-implemented technology and workplace productivity. However this progress can soon by marred by poor business planning, a lack of innovation, outdated IT and low uptake of flexible working cultures. The research is supported with survey responses from 1,000 knowledge workers and 500 managerial level employees within medium and large organisations across the UK.

The Work Foundation hosted in-depth interviews with academics, private business leaders and the public sector to glean insights around the theme of productivity, access to technology and the role it plays in supporting job performance. The report outline key recommendations for UK businesses to address this challenge – calling out the importance of fostering innovation and boosting ‘intrapreneurship’; defined as encouraging those within a business that are comfortable with experimenting and taking risks to solve problems to step forward and take the lead.