Creating Connections in the Workplace

June 7, 2021

One of the most popular aspects of wellbeing at work is the ability to engage with other people. This is sometimes where employers fall down in trying to create a fulfilling work environment for their team. 

At Gilbanks, we believe it is best to think holistically about creating environments in which teams and individuals can interact more effectively, therefore taking another element of stress away from the business owner. 

Even just thinking about micro-interactions in the working day, such as making coffee. Our Club Lounge setting is perfectly designed to enhance the kind of interactions you may make during this simple task. It also doubles up as a flexible working lounge for those times you need the headspace away from the office to focus on a specific task or project. 
The thought we put into each of our areas inside and outside the private offices encourages the small connections you might make throughout the day. Browse our club lounge to see for yourself.