How your workspace can help attract the best talent

July 30, 2021

Skilled candidates that know their talents, qualifications or experience are in demand can be picky when job-hunting. Often, if they are offered two similar roles from two different businesses, company culture usually comes into play.

Developing a strong culture that people admire and want to be a part of can work wonders for your talent attraction strategies. You want them to land on your website, check out your social channels and visit your offices and leave thinking: “Wow, I wish I worked at company like that.”

One of the best manifestations of a company’s culture is the workspace which they choose. You want to create the same ‘wow’ factor when people come to visit for the first time, or to interview for a role – setting the right impression has never been more important for employers to impress candidates.

Sir Cary Cooper, professor of organisational psychology and health at the University of Manchester’s Business School says that money is “less important” than other things in the talent pool today. Things like flexible working, being valued and trusted, having more control over their job, good work and a sense of purpose takes precedence. He thinks that this period of reflection will accelerate this long-running shift to thinking about workspace in terms of its holistic value, rather than as a functional environment is more important to candidates when applying for roles.

Think about what your prospective employees might want from working for your company. What matters to your business? What makes your people happy? What makes them tick? If they see that you are forward-thinking in your approach to workspace, it’s likely to put your business in a good light.

Employee benefits can play an important role in retaining staff by increasing their overall job satisfaction. Make your employees proud to work for you and happy where they work and your reputation will precede you.