Reshaping the future of our working lives

December 16, 2020

As we approach the end of such a challenging year, the ever-changing picture dictated by the coronavirus pandemic offers more than a hint of hope for 2021.

The roll out of a vaccine and the gradual reduction of measures following a second national lockdown suggest that brighter days are ahead, including hope of an at least partial return to normality for businesses.

For many, it means the challenge of putting infrastructure in place to ensure team members can work remotely has been replaced by ensuring you’re able offer a balance between office space that is ready to welcome staff back staff, alongside longer-term infrastructure to facilitate working from home.

Some businesses have been able to seamlessly transition between the two scenarios, although the pragmatism required by the unpredictable and ever-evolving guidelines made life difficult for even the most robust of leadership teams.

Top of the agenda for many is the longer-term future of remote working and the balance to be struck between being based at home and in the office.

We’re used to hearing the term “new normal” and it is indisputable that the changes made by businesses during recent months will have a lasting legacy.

And though statistics show that employees are more productive and collaborative in an office environment, many eyes have been opened to the potential that working from home could present in the longer term.

Gilbanks’ workspaces adhere to evolving Government guidance, allowing you to welcome staff back into a safe, collaborative environment, while we are also able to equip you with the resources required to promote a productive and effective home-working provision. Contact us for more information.